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Support and Guidance

Find your own service 

We provide help, advice or guidance in various life situations. We will help you find the suitable service. We also serve our customers in English! 

Information for young people 

Information and help in different areas of life 

Are you wondering where to get assistance and guidance in English? Byström One-Stop Guidance Center assists you in all matters confidentially and always offers correct and up-to-date information, advice and guidance. You can also get service from us in English! 

Whatever your issue, you can contact us by coming on the spot, calling, sending an email or submitting a contact request.

Byström One-Stop Guidance Center is at your service from Monday to Friday 9-16. 

Byström One-Stop Guidance Center 

Is there something that you are wondering about and need help with? We work for you and are here to help you. If you are under thirty and a resident of Oulu, come and visit us at Byström. 

Byström One-Stop Guidance Center is at your service from Monday to Friday 9.00-16.00. You can visit us at Byström without making an appointment or, if you wish, make an appointment by calling, texting or sending us an email. Without an appointment, you can independently use our client computers, library services and materials for independent information retrieval.  

Information and guidance is available without an appointment on the spot at Byström as well as by phone and online. 

We are there to meet you at Byström, welcome! 

If you need unobstructed access, call 050 599 2293. 

Submit a contact request

Through this form you can leave us a contact request. If you wish you can also tell us a little about what’s preoccupying your mind. We will try to reach you through the medium you wished (phone or email) within three business days. 

Welcome to get to know Byström 

The introductions are aimed at young people, student groups and cooperating parties, and through them we present Byström’s operations and services. Email us your wishes regarding the time and date of the presentation and the number of people attending: bystrom(at)ouka.fi. 

Pulmakulma (Quandary Corner) 

Ask us anything, we will answer you. 

The information service advisors of Byström One-Stop Guidance Center will answer the questions within about five working days. We also answer questions in English! 

Please note that there may be a longer delay in the answers during the holiday seasons, apologies!  

Questions related to sex, sexuality and gender are answered by the sexual counsellors of Byström One-Stop Guidance Center, Oulu Poikien Talo (Boys’ House) and Oulu Tyttöjen Talo (Girls’ House). 

You may watch Byström Ohjaamo Guidance Center presentation video in YouTube by following this link.

Byström Ohjaamo Guidance Center presentation video.