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Youth Workshops

Workshops – the best use of time for the future

All unemployed young residents of Oulu aged 17-29 are welcome to the youth workshops. At the workshops, work is done under the guidance of work coaches in different professional fields. You do not need to have any expertise in the field when you come to the workshop, it is sufficient that you are interested in learning and experiencing new things. Lunch restaurant Makoisa is an exception to this, working there requires training in the restaurant and catering services.  

At the workshops, we work in groups of 3-10 people, where each young person has an individually planned work week. At the workshop, if necessary, you can get guidance regarding everyday matters and your life management, as well as support for finding training and employment. We cooperate with e.g. Byströmin Ohjaamo – Guidance Center, employment services and educational institutions and employers in the region.   

In cooperation with educational institutions in the region, we support you in your career choice and help you find the right educational path for you. You will receive a certificate of competence for the skills you demonstrate in the workshop.  

In all the workshops, we also do light physical exercise, get to know the nearby nature and go on excursions. In matters related to nature, we cooperate with Metsähallitus (Forestry Department). The working language at the workshops is Finnish, but perfect command is not required. 

Youth workshops website(in Finnish)

Contact information:

The link of the workshops takes you to the website in Finnish.

Car Workshop

+358 40 5817789/ tommi.mustakangas[at]ouka.fi

+358 44 7038256/


Crafts Workshop

+358 50 593 4400/


Makoisa Cafeteria

  +358 50 593 4400/ eila.matala[at]ouka.fi

Nature and Exercise Workshop

+358 40 1935127/ esa.salonen[at]ouka.fi

 Cleaning Workshop 

+358 50 593 4400/ eila.matala[at]ouka.fi

Woodcraft Workshop 

+358 44 7038256/ anu.kuustie[at]ouka.fi

+358 40 5817789/ tommi.mustakangas[at]ouka.fi

Construction Workshop

+358 40 1935127/ esa.salonen[at]ouka.fi

 Starter Workshop 

+358 44 7038207/


Art and Media Workshop

+358 44 7038312/ jaakko.vetamajarvi[at]ouka.fi

 Customizing Workshop

+358 40 0629320/


 Media Communications Workshop 

+358 44 7038312/ jaakko.vetamajarvi[at]ouka.fi

+358 50 593 4400/ eila.matala[at]ouka.fi

Environment Workshop 

+358 44 7038256/ anu.kuustie[at]ouka.fi

+358 40 5817789/ tommi.mustakangas[at]ouka.fi