Kaukovainion nuorisotila sisältä.

Leisure Activities and Places

Youth Centres 

There are several youth centres in Oulu where you are welcome. In youth centres, you can spend your free time in a safe environment, for example, playing various games or hanging out with friends.  

Youth centres are located throughout Oulu, and they are open to everyone aged 7-17. Excellent and professional youth instructors participate in the swing of things. 

Contact information:

Haukipudas Youth Centre +358 50 341 3039

Hiukkavaara Youth Centre, +358 40 6432359

Jääli Youth Centre, +358 44 499 3232

Kaakkuri Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8244

Kaijonharju Youth Centre, +358 44 7038317 

Karjasilta Youth Centre, +358 40 5423431

Kastelli Youth Centre ”Huudi”, +358 50 4662337

Kaukovainio Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8318

Kiiminki Youth Centre”Syke”, +358 44 4993368

Maikkula Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8223

Myllyoja Youth Centre, +358 44 7038224

”Nuorten Bysis” Youth Centre +358 44 703 8219

Oulunsalo Youth Centre, +358 50 3886994

Pateniemi Youth Centre,  +358 44 703 8243

Puokkari Youth Centre, +358 44 3457900

Rajakylä Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8319

Ritaharju Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8267

Talvikangas Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8218

Toppila Youth Centre, +358 44 7038234, +358 40 4860174

Yli-Ii Youth Centre ”Vorelli”, +358 50 369 2076/ Jorma, +358 50 569 2069/ Ida

Ylikiiminki youth Centre ”Boxi”, +358 44 703 8264, Vesala Youth Centre, +358 44 703 8329



Oulu is a lively city, where you can find things to do and events to go to almost every day of the year. Through the event calendar, you can search for events that interest you in the Oulu region. 

Nuorten Oulu event calendar.(in Finnish)

(Mun- Oulu event calendar)

Game rooms 

In connection with the youth centres, there are seven game rooms in different parts of the city. In the game rooms, you can try gaming, spend time with friends and instructors, and participate in various activities around the games. There are also streaming devices in the game rooms, from which you can stream to Sohova, for example.  

Game coaching in the most popular games is organised weekly in the game rooms. The game van goes around the areas where the game rooms are not close by. We respect the age limits of the games. 

Contact information:

Nuorten Bysis: Mira Kiviniemi
puh. +358 44 7038219

Haukipudas: Marika Mild & Mira Mäkelä
puh. +358 50 3413039

Maikkula: Sami Korkiakoski
puh. +358 44 7038223

Myllyoja: Eeli Jauhiainen
puh. +358 447038224

Oulunsalo: Elina Vikstedt
puh. +358 503886994

Rajakylä: Toni Hepo-oja
puh. +358 447038319

Kaakkuri: Jani Ahola
puh:  +358 44 703 8244

Band rehearsal rooms  

Youth services have vacant band rehearsal rooms for rent in different parts of the city. The premises are rented on the following basis: 

  • the band members are residents of Oulu and between 16 and 29 years of age 
  • the contact person must be over 18 years of age 
  • the premises are rented for a fixed period (1–3 years). 

If there are more bands meeting the above-mentioned criteria than rehearsal rooms, the rehearsal slots will be drawn. 

The application for band rehearsal rooms must be done by the end of May. Only fully completed applications will be taken into consideration. 

Lease agreements are concluded for a fixed period (1 September – 31 July). If rehearsal rooms become available in the middle of the season, they will be rented further to bands whose application has been returned to Youth Services. 

Contact information:

Juha Mertaniemi
+358 50 373 6720

Open band rehearsal rooms 

Youth Services also have open band rehearsal rooms at Oulunsalo, Maikkula, Haukipudas, Toppila and Kiiminki youth centres and at the premises of Nuorten Bysis. The rooms are mainly intended for the use of music enthusiasts between the ages of 7 and 17, and use of the facilities is free of charge. Reservation of the rehearsal rooms and additional information directly from the respective youth centres. 

Contact information:

Oulunsalo, +358 50 3886994

Maikkula, +358 44 7038223

Haukipudas, +358 50 3413039

Toppila, +358 44 038234, +358 40 4860174

Kiiminki, +358 44 4993368

Nuorten Bysis, +358 44 7038219


There is a recording studio in connection with the Maikkula youth centre, which can be used by Oulu residents under the age of 25. 

The studio cannot be used for producing material intended for sale. The material recorded in the studio must not be inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive.

Contact information:

Maikkula +358 44 7038223

Kaasi activities

Kaasi – being there as a friend 
Youth workers moving on foot in the Oulu City centre area. 

Kaasi instructors act as safe adults and set out on foot in the area of ​​Oulu City centre, if possible, Tue-Thu from 17:00 to 20:00 and Fri-Sat from 17:00 to 23:00.  
Kaasi also organises fun and free activities for 13-29 year olds and young adults. 

Contact information:

Janne: + 358 40 4871650

snapchat: jannekaasitiimi

Sakke: +358 40 6248165


Tapani: +358 40 6248039


Information and up-to-date information for (LGBTQIA+) rainbow youth about activities and events organised in Oulu, as well as contact information and helpful services. 

Rainbow Youth Evenings 

For 11-16-year-old young people at the Kastelli youth centre’s Huudi once a month! 

Do you want to meet other like-minded young people of the same age in a relaxed and safe environment? During the activities, we play games, do crafts, bake and eat together. You are most welcome to join alone or together with a friend. 

Sexual counselling 

Sexuality and sexual needs are areas that change throughout life. In sexual counselling, you can discuss needs and problems, but also gender and sexual identity. You can also discuss issues related to adolescence. At the sexuality counsellor’s reception, it is possible to talk alone or together with a partner. Discussions are confidential. You can book an appointment at the Byström Ohjaamo Guidance Centre.   

Seta support person activities 

Do you feel alone with your sexual orientation or gender-related thoughts? Our volunteer support person can help you clarify your thoughts in one-on-one discussions. They can also help you find the right group for you, or search with you for suitable support services. 

Seta Oulu has trained volunteers who provide peer support based on their own life experience. The support staff can talk with you about things that are weighing on your mind and give you advice. They can also act escort you in Seta Oulu’s groups if necessary. 

If you want to apply for a support person or ask more about support person activities, send an email to .  

Contact information:

Sari Lahdenperä
p.+358 447038245

Sakari Lind
p.+358 40 6248165

Holiday activities

During the school holidays (autumn, winter and summer holidays) many people are looking for something nice to do either for themselves or for their close ones. Fiilis gathers together interesting courses, camps and excursions. There is a great variety of activities, both for children and young people. Information can be found in Finnish on the Fiilis page. Fiilis page(in Finnish) 

Organisational activities 

Various organisations and associations operate for the common good and do not usually pursue profit. The starting point of the activity can be the promotion of a hobby, a common good cause or an idea.  

A great variety of organisations operate in Oulu, and anyone can participate in their activities. You can search for organisations of interest, for example, in the Kumppanuuskeskus, where you can find the premises of several associations and organizations. 

If you cannot find a suitable association for you in the subject area you are interested in, you can consider starting your own association with others interested in the same topic. If you’re thinking about starting a new club, association or organisation, it’s worth finding out about the grants that might be available for the activity It is also possible to get financial assistance for organising events. 

Volunteer Work

Anyone can do volunteer work. Volunteers do not need to have any special training or experience, but they usually receive an orientation to their task. Each volunteer works according to their own schedules and resources. 

Volunteering is always unpaid. Volunteer work also provides valuable work experience and can be added to your CV. Those who do voluntary work not only give something of their own, but they also receive something for themselves. Through volunteer work, you can find new friends, gain experiences and do socially significant work. 

The Koppana camp centre

The Koppana camp centre for summer use is located on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia in a beautiful landscape about 25 kilometres from the centre of Oulu. The camp centre has good facilities and a beautiful natural environment for camps and events. 

The Koppana camp centre can be rented primarily by youth organisations and groups from Oulu, but it can also be rented by daycare centres, schools and other organisations. 

The camp centre has accommodation for 30 overnight guests, tent accommodation is also possible. 

The equipment of the Koppana camp centre includes an indoor and outdoor kitchen, tableware for about 50 people, a beach sauna, a ball park and a campfire site on the beach. 

Koppana camp centre webpage(in Finnish) 

Contact information:

Anu Puolanne, +358 44 703 8290, anu.puolanne(at)ouka.fi